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Resources and Links


Some useful links

Digital photogrammetry: free software for photogrammetry!

Laser scanning:

Data-processing: - "cloud compare", open source software for manipulating point clouds - point cloud classification according to multiscale dimensionality ( a geometric property)

Allied groups:

    American Geophysical Union, Near Surface Geophysics Focus Group:
    International Union of Geological Sciences:
    European Geosciences Union: Vienna, 19-24th April, 2009: "Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning and geomorphology: possibilities, problems,
    and solutions
    International Association of Geomorphologists: - particularly the "Applied geomorphological mapping working group"
    British Society for Geomorphology:
    American society of civil engineers (ASCE):
    Committee On Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS/WGCV):