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    Working Group V5 - Close range measurements for bio and geosciences, 2012-16.


Our mission:

Working Group V5 aims to promote and coordinate activities involving the spatial measurement of natural objects at close range using a variety of modern geomatics technologies, including: digital photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning. Activities are of interest to those involved in 3D reconstruction and evolution within: geomorphology, earth science, hydrology, agriculture, glaciology, geology, surface roughness, climate change studies and wider "bio-science", including human body measurement. V5 has its origins in ISPRS Working Group V6, established in 2008.


Working group officers:




Dirk Rieke-Zapp

Breuckmann GmbH Torenstr. 14

88709 Meersburg - Germany


Thomas Dewez
BRGM- Direction des Risques et Prévention (DRP)

3 av. Claude Guillemin 45060 Orleans la Source - France


Vladimir Knyaz
State Research Institution of Aviation Systems,

Moscow- Russia



Jim Chandler
School of Civil and Building Engineering

Loughborough University - UK



Terms of Reference:

  • Research and development in close-range techniques and systems for 3D reconstruction in the fields of geomorphology, earth science, hydrology, glaciology, climatology, hazard monitoring, geology, medical imaging,  body/sports measurement and modeling, etc.
  • Identify and promote different camera geometries and networks suitable for different scales of enquiry
  • Educate and inform “non-geomatics” users of the existence and benefits of involvement with ISPRS
  • Involve geomatic experts in organizations involved with bio- and geoscience
  • Establish and make freely available “best-practice” guidelines for non-expert users of consumer grade digital cameras and terrestrial laser scanners


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